St Kitts toiletries

We believe in supporting local businesses and are delighted to provide guests with the St Kitts finest quality herbal toiletries from a family business in Camelford, Cornwall.


In the kitchen, laundry room (if present) and bathrooms you will find the popular Rose and Bergamot Hand wash, their signature fragrance - alluring, fresh and vibrant.

'A fabulously fresh and clean fragranced herbal liquid soap from our best selling range. Our liquid soaps foam beautifully, leaving your hands soft and refreshed'

In all bathrooms and en-suites you will find the popular Rose and Bergamot Hair and body wash and body lotion

rb_lotion_1_1 (1).jpg

Because we care about the environment and the amount of plastic in this world, we refill the bottles with each of the products which are recycled when they are replaced.